Our story

Clothes cover the body, but jewellery uncovers the soul?!

“veimotti jewelry is something that is hard to explain and express. It is not just a piece of accessory. Whole brand idea is to express not a beauty of jewellery, but a beauty and a type of woman – veimotti woman.” – best wishes, veimotti founder and owner Artūras Solovejus.

veimotti story begins, when one seen beautiful bracelet on one girl’s arm became unfading wish to create  it’s own jewelry. Ever since that day till today, each day becomes veimotti day. Carefully selected high quality materials, huge work on design, and sparkling motivation lets present this jewelry.
Because it is time to REWARD YOURSELF. Many moments in life are taken as granted, but I invite you to celebrate those moments and reward yourself, CELEBRATE YOURSELF!

This jewellery – for a woman, who is aesthetic, sophisticated and a little bit modest..but in her mind winds are mixing, and those winds are – unfading wish to move forward in life, “live”…
Every piece is made from high quality material, that confirms under Republic of Lithuania law hallmark stamp in each piece of jewelry. The real veimotti jewelry can be bought only in our e-shop or our partner shops.

veimotti. Jewelry INSPIRED by women, FOUNDED by a man.

vision of veimotti

one of the most recognised and desired jewellery brand in the world for inspiring, sophisticated woman. For you