Jewellery care and ring size guide

Taking care of your jewellery

To keep your jewelry shiny and look like new all the time,we provide you few tips about how to care your jewelry:
1. Take off your jewelry while cleaning your house, doing dishes, having exercises, swimming or while gardening.
2. We recommend to put on the jewelry, after perfume, make-up, hair spray or other beauty products are applied on your body.
3. While colouring your hair – always remove a jewelry with a pearl on it.
4. We recommend to take off your jewelry also while having a shower.
5. To keep your pearl or other jewelry more shiny – do not keep it in a plastic bag or near each other.

Jewellery repair guarantee
Jewelry is an item which is very „sensitive“. That‘s why we provide you with six months jewelry care guarantee.  Enlarge, reduce (if it is technicaly possible), your chain or ring is broken or similar „misfortune“ – deliver an item, provide your order number and we will repair it for you – free of charge! Keep all information about your order which could be found in your order e-mail confirmation, to determine your order purchase date.
However, all the shipping/handling costs for jewelry repair are paid by the customer.

Jewellery information, ring size guide
Information about every product’s material, sizes, could be found at the product description. However, you should keep your attention at your ring size. That’s why we provide you with information how to determine your ring size:

If you find the ring you like, but don’t know your size you should measure it this way:

1. Take a ring which you wear and fits you
2. Meature inner diameter of the ring
Ring size by diameter:
15.4mm. (15,5 size)
16.1mm. (16 size)
16.5mm. (16,5 size)
16.9mm. (17 size)

Another method to determine your ring size:

1. Take a finger you gonna wear a ring  and wrap it with a thin piece of string.
2. Mark the spot where the strings meets.
3. Remove the string and measure the length of it (millimeters).
4. Check the chart bellow and find the ring size you need!

Keep in mind, that this measurement is not 100% correct, but mostly helps to find a good size ring. However, sizes 16.5 is the most popular size, so if you have no possibility to measure your finger, we recommend you to choose it. If these sizes don’t fit you, or you cant measure your ring size – contact us and we will help you how to figure out this little problem!

ring size guide. How to know your rings size