Frequently asked questions (F.A.Q)

1.Is buying in is safe?
Yes! Buying in our e-shop is absolutely safe. Our company has customer database safety certificates and is provided with all the needed safety warranties.

2.From what material all your jewelry are made of?
All our jewelry is made of high quality sterling silver or vermeil (sterling silver plated with 24K gold). Encrusted with high quality freshwater pearls, zirconia crystals and others jewelry parts.

3.How can i change or cancel my order?
If your payment is not made yet – you can easily delete the shopping cart and make your oder again, however, if you already made your payment, contact us on, while mentioning your order number and what action would you like us to make.

4.When my order is being shipped?
All orders are shipped the day order is made, or the next work day after payment.

5.How long does the delivery take?
Usually, in Lithuania, delivery takes about 1-5 working days. Worldwide around 1 to 2 weeks, it depends to what country your order should be shipped (Europe 1 week, other country 1 to 2 weeks). More about shipping you can check here.

6.What are the shipping and handling costs?
Shipping is free if you choose standart shipping method. Others costs depends on what shipping method have you chosen. All the shipping and handling costs could be found here.

7.How can i pay for my order
We provide various paymend methods. Orders made internationally can be done through Paypal. Credit card, or regular bank transfer. Also, you can find more information here.

8.How do I return an item that I purchased?
Our product return policy can be found here.

9.Is there any way I can check items in real?
veimotti jewelry unfortunately right now could be bought only online. However please contact about possibility to check jewellery in-real in Lithuania.

10.What should I do, if the item I purchased doesn‘t fit my size?
Before buying every jewelry we recommend you to check product description carefully and the size guide, which can be found here ,however,if your jewelry didn‘t fit you in size, there is no to worry about! Contact us at and we will help you while offering to resize your jewelry!