Materials we use


Pure silver is one of the most popular and most valuable precious metal which is bright white in colour and is the most reflective of the precious metals.
Sterling silver is the world’s most popular silver alloy. This alloy consists of 92,5% pure silver and 7,5% of copper. This global jewellery practice of sterling silver, occured, because of pure silver being to soft as a metal, so adding some of copper makes silver more hard and more perfect to be used in your favourite jewellery. This is called 925 alloy silver.


Gold plating (Vermeil):

Some people prefers gold instead of silver. To make it affordable we choose to make gold plated jewellery. Every veimotti gold plated jewellery piece is plated with 24 karat gold. This is the highest and purest plating of gold.
Number of karats means gold purity on jewellery:
24K – 99,99% gold (Pure gold)
22K – 91%
18K – 75%
14K – 58%
12K – 50%
10K – 42%


Natural freshwater pearls:

At the beginning of 20th century demand of pearls have risen enourmosly. To satisfy this huge demand, people started to create a farms and grow mussels for freshwater pearls . Pearls can be in very various colours, shapes, sizes, but we want to see natural colour of pearls, and that’s why we choose to use creamy-white colour round pearls
It takes around one year for mussel to grow a pearl!



Zirconia stones (Cubic Zirconia):

Cubic Zirconia mostly are used as a diamond alternative.
Colourless, flawless and shiny Zirconia stones are as hard as diamond and on it’s clarity scale evaluated – “D” letter. Scale describes clearness, colourness of stones from letter “Z” to “D”, where “D” is the clearest and colourless stone of all.
Absolutely gorgeous, highest quality Zirconia stones – on your favourite “veimotti” jewellery.